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Golden Spread Electric Co-op-Mustang Station Water Treatment and Distribution System: This project was located in Denver City, Texas and consisted of 8,300 LF of 6-inch water line, installation of a reverse osmosis system, duplex booster pumps, 2-4,000-gallon fiberglass GST’s, a 5,000-gallon hydro-pneumatic tank and appropriate automation controls for flow measurements and water quality testing.  This project was unique because it was the first of its kind in Texas (less than 300 gpm flow rate RO public water system) to be approved by the Texas Commission of Environmental Quality.  The water treatment was necessitated due to the raw water quality parameters exceeding the allowable Maximum Contaminant Level (MCL) for Arsenic, Fluoride, Selenium, and TDS.  The OEI team was able to design a system to bring the system’s water quality parameters to well below MCL’s per TCEQ requirements and bring clean water to the plant’s employees and guests.


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